I was driving home one evening with my fiancée when she pointed out that the engine oil light was flashing. There was panic in the car, “Is the engine going to catch on fire? Where’s the nearest service station? I hope we don’t break down…!”

I calmly told her that it’s okay and just a warning light to help top up the engine oil. Volkswagen cars are designed to notify us of any underlying issues the car may have to prevent further damage. Actually, a lot of cars designed nowadays have this kind of sensor or technology to ensure we are driving safely.

It was at this point where I thought to myself, if only the human body has sensors or something to remind us of any underlying issues that can cause damage. Sadly we don’t which is why we need to proactively visit health specialists to make sure we are running smoothly and functioning optimally.

Chiropractic helps to do this by checking any mis-alignments in the spine or uncovering poorly moving joints and getting them moving optimally again. By keeping your body regularly maintained through specific spinal adjustments and regular exercise helps reduce the risks of neck & lower back pains and sports injuries.

A lot of people now are realizing the benefits chiropractic has and experiencing how different their bodies feel after getting their spine re-aligned again. Get yourself checked now and don’t wait until it’s too late! Our only sensors are when we feel the pain and by then it may be too late! Car parts can be replaced but spinal parts can’t. Take care of the one you have now!