The simple answer is YES! Chiropractic helps to create optimal posture and spinal alignment! This can be achieved by a combination of the right exercises and traction (to bring relief to areas of stress). An optimal posture not only means a spine that is resilient to pain and discomfort, but also ensures a back that is less prone to injuries when put under stress

Why is posture important?

Your posture or “neutral spine” is important as it allows your body to function in an optimal manner. It is obvious when someone has a good posture just by looking at them. They look tall, alert and confident! Everyone desires a good posture, however due to our poor lifestyle habits or lack of exercise/movement, many of us are settling for poorer than optimal postures, either knowingly or unknowingly.

Having a good posture helps with the following

  1. Proper alignment of the bones and joints in the spine
  2. Reduce stress on the ligaments, spinal discs, muscles and joints
  3. Minimize risk of neck or back injuries
  4. Decrease muscle imbalances from your front and back, preventing over-compensation on another group of muscles
  5. Prevent muscle strain due to overuse

How do I know if I have Bad Posture?

  1. Forward head posture (most common)
  2. Kyphosis (hunchback)
  3. Neck pain, back pain and/or headaches
  4. Pelvis/hips not levelled, shoulders not levelled
  5. Scoliosis
  6. Shorter leg length on one side (may walk with slight limp)

Best practice for good posture?

  1. Visit a Chiropractor

Your chiropractor can tell you exactly what is contributing to poor posture by a detailed full spinal assessment. Based on the results, the chiropractor highlights the areas of the spine contributing to poor posture and advises with a program of care. With the patient and the doctor aligned on exactly what needs to be achieved, the doctor will then advise a program of care for postural rehabilitation and advice on the necessary exercises/stretches and home care to achieve the best possible result.

  1. Be proactive about your spinal health

You can also start off by following basic guidelines on posture improvement found on the internet; however, I find a lot of people not truly fixing their postural problems despite following these guidelines as they are not even aware of what correction needs to take place! Only when you know the problem, can you start taking steps to fix it!

What I find alarming is that many people do not know of their posture problems until an X-ray is done on them. When they see an x-ray of their spinal posture for the first time, most are quite surprised at how far from ideal their spinal health is!

Also, for the younger crowd, their bodies may be fit enough to compensate in other ways for their bad postures so do not seek help immediately, but as their bodies undergo the natural process of ageing, they find problems start to surface, many of which could have been easily fixed and prevented if they were more proactive in their youth.

Posture is a window to your spine, if you take care of the inside, it will reflect on the outside. Start investing in your body today and it will thank you tomorrow!