First, we need to ask the patient 2 questions to clarify their intent:

1) Do you just want immediate and short term relief?

2) Do you want to address the main cause of the pain and long term relief?

Living in a reactive society, people are always looking for the quick fix to their problems. They reach for the medicine cabinet for an instant relief of symptoms, they depend on the doctor to get rid of all their pain, but if you are only concerned about treating the symptoms, you aren’t addressing the root cause of the problem and will find yourself having to revisit the issue continually.

One chiropractic visit surely may get you symptomatic relief, but for chronic pain sufferers, Alpha Chiropractic doctors are focused on treating the root cause of pain!  If we can treat one’s chronic pain problems all in 1 visit, we’d most likely be retired by now!

People need to understand that many years of poor repetitive habits and lack of core/strength will lead to possible aches or pain and takes time to rehabilitate back to health. Chiropractic, combined with a structured and personally tailored rehabilitation program, traction (if needed) and regular spinal sessions helps restore your spine from a painful state to a better functioning one! Once it has reached its optimal state, you have the responsibility then to maintain it!

So, the answer is NO! it will take a number of sessions to fully address the root cause, depending on the patient’s condition and the extent of damage done to their spine. 

Ultimately, “Proactive care” is the best defence against back pain. Alpha Chiropractic encourages and regularly checks & adjusts people’s spines to make sure they are free from spinal problems that will cause them pain later on.

Get your spinal health checked today to make sure you’re okay. Take care of your body and it will take care of you!