Benefits of Chiropractic

Safe, effective and drug-free:


Extensive research over the past 20 years has established that: Chiropractic is the most effective treatment for musculoskeletal conditions. When it comes to research into the risks and benefits of non-invasive interventions, chiropractic stands out.

Another additional plus is that there are no drugs involved. The body is a self regulating healing system if given proper care and maintenance. Good health is one blessing that cannot be bought over the counter. You do not want to have to rely on pills forever.

Increasingly over the past few decades, the medical community has come to accept and recognize chiropractic care as a valid form of treatment for a variety of neuro-musculoskeletal conditions, and as a conservative treatment option.

We use physical therapy and gentle chiropractic adjustments to rehabilitate and correct the spine and sporting injuries

Case Studies

Over the years of practice, Alpha Chiropractic has successfully treated painful conditions and getting people back to optimum levels. With a better spinal alignment our clientele enjoy the fact that their likelihood of experiencing their painful condition again is minimized as long as they keep a proactive approach as recommended. Below are some case studies which can relate to many people on a daily basis.

What To Expect

This is how we should be living on a daily basis!

Alpha Chiropractic takes you from a state of Dis-Ease to Wellness. The advantages of following a Wellness approach or Pro-Active care are:

  • Reduced tension, pain and other symptoms
  • Improved posture and balance
  • Reduced rate of spinal degeneration
  • Better ability to relax and cope with stress and lifestyle changes
  • Improved function of your body’s organs and systems
  • Greater physical and emotional wellbeing